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MD, MBA, CEO, Founder

Charles Lee started in real estate in 2015. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Lee started to invest in real estate on the side. Achieving outside returns, Dr. Lee formed his own Real Estate Investment company, Starka Properties Inc. After two years of hard work and turning visions into reality, Dr. Lee has amassed a portfolio stretching from California, Florida, and North Carolina.


Since 2020, Dr. Lee has syndicated over 65+ million dollars and has acquired multiple properties in different states. Through his advisors, contractors, and in-house team, Starka Properties can execute its investment thesis and consistently achieve its desired goals.


Using multiple 3rd party property management companies while self-managing properties simultaneously, Dr. Lee noticed that both parties did not have the exact alignment in goals. Working with Kenneth and Alexandra, Starka Property Management was founded to manage properties where communication, attentiveness, responsiveness, and engagement were the founding principles.

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